Hairbutter is a 100% Organic, handmade hair styling product born out of a kitchen in Boston, MA.

Over the years, I had trouble finding a hair product I was truly happy with. Whether it was the ingredients used or the way it made my hair look and feel, they never left my hair satisfied. After researching alternatives to the generic and chemical filled products available today and looking for natural products that had beneficial properties for hair, I got to cooking.

I have always placed a high importance on what goes into and onto my body, so it was imperative to me everything in the product was organic and actively contributed to the overall health of my hair. Through some serious trial and error, I finally came up with combination of ingredients that tamed my wild hair, smelled great and performed at a high level, all while giving me a natural look and feel. 

I never used to get compliments on my hair, and after a couple people asked me what I was using, my wheels started turning in terms of starting a business. It felt great knowing what I was using in my hair was not only healthy, but it was giving me the look and feel I always desired.

Meanwhile, my roommate and best friend literally since day one, Tucker Cohen, has always had an entrepreneurial spirit and would come home to our apartment with ideas for businesses we could start. One day, he said, "Let's sell the hair stuff, let's just do it." With a background in media and sales, Tucker brings an energy that gets people excited and interested in whatever he has to say. It has always been a dream of ours to start a business together and now we are making that dream a reality.

Young Tuck and Myles


"Do better with better butter for your do."